Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021 Campaign

This year, BCF has once again teamed up with DDB Group Singapore to produce a series of print and video advertisements to raise awareness about breast cancer and to encourage action.

BCF’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2021 campaign aims to challenge women to rethink how susceptible they are to breast cancer and to rally together to spread the message.

Women need to take their health into their own hands – both literally and metaphorically. BCF would like to encourage women, and men, to begin having conversations about and supporting each other in the fight against breast cancer.





BCF’s print ads will feature three women extreme sports enthusiasts who put themselves at risk while doing what they love. This collection of ads aims to draw attention to the startling incidence rate of breast cancer. This is because even with their elevated exposure to danger, the risks that these sportswomen face while pursuing their passions do not come close to the chance of a woman developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

In accompanying video teasers which are being featured on BCF’s social media platforms, the sportswomen do checks on their equipment before setting out on their activities. While doing this, they mention how breast health checks are also a critical part of their self-care routines.


A video ad runs concurrently to demonstrate the increasing incidence rate of breast cancer over the years. Everyday women are featured in this video ad to show how breast cancer can affect anyone. A group of women of different ages and backgrounds convenes in a room and an envelope is passed around. The circle starts out big, but gradually shrinks as more women leave upon receiving the envelope. Eventually, only 13 women are left, and we focus on the latest woman to receive the envelope – which actually contains a breast cancer diagnosis. This reflects the stark reality of how the chances of getting breast cancer are now higher than ever before.