Because She Matters

Women of every age play many roles in our lives- friend, mentor, mother, daughter, sister, wife, etc. Nearly 6 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed amongst Singapore women each day and more than 2000 women in Singapore are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and have their lives disrupted by the disease. Thus, breast cancer poses a risk to every woman that we hold dear.

Because She Matters is a campaign that serves to highlight that the women in our lives and the community do matter. The campaign emphasizes the importance of women in our lives and the critical need to take action to protect their health by improving awareness and encouraging regular screening.

Funds raised will  go towards:

  • Breast Cancer Centre’s programmes & activities for women affected by breast cancer
  • Healing Through The Arts Programme (HTTA)
  • Mammogram screening subsidies for women from lower income groups
  • Wig Loan Programme

If you would like to donate to this campaign, please visit:

For cheque payment, please indicate ‘Because She Matters’ on the back of the cheque.