Breast Cancer Centre

With the aim of serving more and serving better, we are very pleased to share that Breast Cancer Foundation is working towards breaking a new frontier this year by setting up our very first Breast Cancer Centre in Singapore.

This will be an integrated space and place of gathering, providing the most comprehensive and holistic breast cancer support services in Singapore.  The centre will provide a safe space and a non-medical environment for our breast cancer community to forge friendships and care networks that will help them to overcome this illness from a place of solidarity and empowerment. Programmes will range from counselling, image workshops, wig loan salon, physical strength exercises, to imparting nutritional advice and mental health resilience skills.

The Centre will house counselling rooms, a wig loan cum positive appearance room and a social space. There will be a contemporary fitness studio where our members can join our Healing Through The Arts (HTTA) classes and a crafter’s studio for creative members to paint, to learn to sew or to crochet as form of therapy.

Members of the public can join breast cancer awareness and outreach talks held at our multi-purpose hall to learn more of the disease affecting women (and men too) in Singapore.
The Centre will welcome the breast cancer community, as well as all who would like to find out more about our organization and what we do.

If you would like to donate to this impactful project, please call us at  6356 0123 or email us at