BrArt Exhibition 2022

BrArt Exhibition 2022, an event jointly organised by Breast Cancer Foundation and Our Bralette Club. BrArt is an advocacy campaign aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer through fashion, art & design. Participants of the BrArt Competition drew inspiration from the colour pink and stories that are associated with breast cancer awareness. Pieces designed by the top 10 finalists, 4 renowned designers – Frederick Lee, Mette Hartman, Lai Chan and Sylvia Lim  – and community category participants are showcased at the BrArt Exhibition held at ION Orchard Basement 4; from 30 September to 31 October 2022. Admission is free.

10 Winning Entries

The following are the 10 winning entries have been shortlisted and are showcased at the BrArt exhibition, we hope to draw the public’s attention to understand more about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. Drop by the exhibition to find out to check out the prototypes bras designed by the top 10 winning contestants.  Click each design to find out more and the inspiration behind it.

“Our Bralette Club is proud to be part of the movement to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. The BrArt Campaign is an innovative way to help share more about the stories about the survivors, caregivers, and allies. Working on creating the prototype bras designed by the top 10 winning entries was an inspiring experience and a testament of how art and fashion can touch lives and spread awareness.”

– Our Bralette Club, BrArt Joint Organizer

Meet the Designers

4 renowned fashion designers also contributed their bra creation inspired from the Pink story and their pieces are also exhibited throughout the month of October at BrART 2022.

Frederick Lee

"Perhaps a pink butterfly is a proof that one can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful . We don’t heal in isolation but in connection.“ - Frederick Lee

Lai Chan

"When life wears you down and you’re feel weak and lost, reach inside yourself and you’ll find strength. Reach out to your family and friends and you’ll find love." - Lai Chan

Mette Hartman

For Breast Cancer Foundation BrArt 2022, my designed was inspired by displays of faith, hope, love and will to live by those around me.
- Mette Hartman

Sylvia Lim

Triologie’s BrArt piece is a kaleidoscope of stories of our heroines in Singapore represented by an amalgamation of culture, place of interest (Katong), a favourite delicacy (Kuihs) and our childhood game (five stones). Each print story is carefully adorned resulting in a showcase of Singapore as well as a celebration of Singapore women.
- Sylvia Lim