Dear Men


Dear Men:“It’s Time To Talk About Breasts.”

A Call-To-Action

By Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

“If, like my partner, my husband would encourage me, I feel that he is vested to know that my health is in a clear state. I think that is going to be very encouraging as well.” 

  • Female, focus group participant,
    ScienceDirect – Dec 2022

In line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2023, BCF launches “Dear Men”, an inspirational call-to-action for all men to start talking about women’s breast health and advocate early detection, in safeguarding the women they cherish.

‘Dear Men’ is in support of 2023’s BCAM’s nationwide campaign theme, “Keeping Her In The Picture” – a call for people to keep in mind the women in their lives and encourage them to go for regular breast cancer screening.

With ‘Dear Men’, the role of men takes on a new significance in the fight against breast cancer. By getting men to learn more about breast cancer and health, they can better protect, care for and support the women they love.

This also seamlessly ties with BCF’s overarching mission of raising breast cancer awareness, promoting early detection and providing support to those affected by the disease. At the same time, this endeavour embodies the spirit of BCAM 2023.

Men, by consistently reminding and ensuring the women they hold dear, go for mammogram screening, can make a timely life-saving difference through early detection.

As the battle against breast cancer continues, the collective efforts of men, women, and our whole community can help keep this disease at bay and ensure the well-being and longevity of our loved ones.