Corporate Support

As a non-profit organisation, Breast Cancer Foundation has been working with various Corporate & Community Partners.
We would like to welcome more corporate friends to join us in developing a meaningful
and fulfilling partnerships in coming years.

Ways To Support

Breast Cancer Foundation is the only local charity dedicated solely to supporting the breast cancer community in Singapore and also advocate for early detection of breast cancer.

BCF is self-funded and is dependent on public donations to provide quality services and programmes for more women and their families.

How does your organisation support BCF:

• To express your corporate care and responsibility for a cause that the community through psycho-social programmes, support groups and befriending activities.
• To encourage your employees to take part in a life-saving cause that could affect them and their loved ones.
• To support the local breast cancer community.

Sponsorship plays an important part in minimizing the cost of operating events for fundraising or outreach programmes, and will help us in our efforts to advocate for breast cancer awareness through public education and cancer screening services. For example, a sponsorship of $20,000 can help fund 400 low-income women to have access to the mammogram service and other services like wig loans and activities held.

Companies and employees can support the important work of the Breast Cancer Foundation. We offer services that make an impact in the breast cancer community we serve. When you donate through the workplace, you can make a direct influence down the street.

Organisations could select to fundraise through staff events like a year-end party or encourage individuals to sign up to a monthly GIRO donation or our Month on Month programme. A matching gift from the company is also greatly appreciated.

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