Leave A Legacy

Planned giving refers to several gift types that can be funded with cash, equity or property. A planned gift is a way to create a lasting legacy and can be outright or deferred, meaning they can be arranged now and be fulfilled later.

The work of Breast Cancer Foundation is made possible with the support of the community and generous individuals who believes in giving back. Your planned giving to us makes an immediate impact in the lives of women facing breast cancer and help provide the resources that creates extraordinary opportunities to build the future.

Types of Legacy Gifts
Legacy Gifts come in many forms. By leaving a gift in your will, your compassion for others will endure for generations.

Here are a few to consider:
• Savings and properties can be pledged through a will.
• CPF savings through a CPF nomination.
• Life insurance policies through your insurance companies.

Please consult with your legal advisors for more information if you plan to bequeath the amount into your will.

Ensure the following are clearly indicated in your will:
• Name: Breast Cancer Foundation
• UEN Code: S97SS0137L
• Mailing Address: Blk 441, Sin Ming Avenue, #01-417 Singapore 570441

How do I Make a Legacy Gift?
Should you require professional advice from a financial planner, a lawyer, an accountant or an insurance agent, we would be happy to link you up to discuss about leaving a legacy gift.

For enquiries, please contact our Fundraising & Partnerships Team at 6352 6560 or email to bcfdonation@bcf.org.sg