26 Apr 2019

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Breast Cancer Foundation Office

A Workshop To Support Employees Affected By Breast Cancer

With women as equal economic contributors today, breast cancer creates societal and organisational impact.

BCF’s half-day workshop is for human resource specialists and employees who interact with those diagnosed with cancer to have knowledge of breast cancer, and ways of supporting them. Participants will be empowered to identify and apply strategies that bring about a supportive, sustainable, and beneficial work environment.

–  Hearing from first person account
–  Listening skills
–  Active listening activity
–  Responding with care
–  Providing comfort to breast cancer patients
–  Understanding breast cancer: hearing from the doctor

Register by 22 April 2019! 

For more information or enquiries, kindly contact Shawn/Alycia at 6352 6560 or email

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