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Mr Ng Soon Kai

Assistant Secretary

Mr Ng Soon Kai is a partner at Lee & Lee. He is in the Corporate Department. He was called to the bar and joined Lee & Lee in 1989. He left to start his own firm and re-joined Lee & Lee when he merged his firm with Lee & Lee in 2015.

He has sat on the boards of companies listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and is familiar with the Code of Good Corporate Governance, elements of which will be applicable to charities in 2024.

Although he started out in litigation and was the instructing solicitor of several high profile cases involving prominent Queens’ Counsels and Senior Counsels which ended favourably for his clients, Soon Kai has been practising largely in the areas of Acquisition and Mergers and Equity and Debt Capital Markets sectors with emphasis on listed companies since 2000.

His experience includes being involved in transactions such as:

1. Preparation of various documents needed in major corporate exercises such as Information memorandums, circulars to shareholders and prospectuses for IPOs and reverse takeovers.

2. Negotiations and preparations of convertible notes, bonds and notes including equity linked notes, options etc.

3. Negotiations and preparations of agreements and other documents related to major mergers and acquisitions for both private as well as public listed companies. Some of these transactions included matters involving overseas assets and business in foreign jurisdictions including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, People’s Republic of China and Australia.

4. Various cross border financing transactions where he has had to instruct local solicitors in Indonesia, People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and various African countries.

5. Preparation of various equity financing documents related to rights issue and placements for listed companies and fund management agreements.

6. Advised and acted for clients in major banking loans to vet through and to advise on various loan facility and security documents from the lending financial institutions.

7. Negotiations and preparations of various corporate agreements related to corporate transactions such as joint-venture agreements, shareholders’ agreements, sale and purchase agreements, farm-in/farm-out agreements and investment agreements.

8. Acting for companies seeking IPOs in Singapore as well as in foreign jurisdictions such as Indonesia and Taiwan.

Soon Kai is also acting for financial institutions such as United Oversea Bank Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd and Maybank Ltd.


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