Volunteer Befriending Programme

Volunteer Befriending

BCF’s Volunteer Befriending Programme aims to assist women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer as well as family members and friends to cope with their feelings and to regain a sense of control over important aspects of their lives.

Volunteer Befrienders, all of whom are breast cancer survivors themselves, provide information and emotional support through the breast cancer journey.

Asking questions about breast cancer can be difficult. BCF’s Volunteer Befrienders, have experienced the ups and downs of breast cancer and are prepared to answer any question you may have. Give us a call today!

Hospital Visit Programme


The Hospital Visit Programme offers women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer with personal visits by BCF Volunteer Befrienders before discharge. The visits provide patients with emotional support and much needed information on recovering from surgery, coping with treatment, and available support services where follow-up is conducted primarily by telephone.

Regular hospital visits are conducted to several of the major hospitals, and ad hoc visits can be arranged to any hospital in Singapore. If you would like to arrange for a BCFVolunteer Befrienders to visit a post-operative breast cancer patient, please contact BCF.

Hotline: 6356 0123