Terms of Use

I hereby undertake and agree to the following:

1. My participation in any event or activity organised, facilitated or supported by BCF or any of its officers, employees, agents, volunteers, partners or sponsors (together, the “BCF Parties”), or any event or activity organised for or on behalf of BCF by any third parties, or any activities carried out together with any BCF Parties, or activities carried out for the benefit, or with the knowledge, consent or endorsement, of BCF, including any classes, seminars, conferences, sessions, meetings and fund-raising activities, in each case whether or not carried out in BCF’s premises (together, “BCF Activities”), is solely at my own risk.

2. I hereby absolve, acquit and discharge the BCF Parties from any and all responsibility and liability whatsoever caused by or sustained by me or affecting my personal belongings, as a result of my participation in any BCF Activities, including, without limitation and only to the extent permissible by law, physical injury, loss of life or property damage.

3. I will indemnify and keep indemnified, and will save and hold harmless all BCF Parties against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses (including legal fees) arising in any way from my participation in the BCF Activities.

4. I acknowledge and agree that certain physical activities may not be suitable for all participants, and that prior to participating in any BCF Activities of a physical nature or which require physical exertion, I have consulted a physician and assessed my physical well-being and the suitability of my participation therein. In particular, activities carried out by BCF Paddlers in the Pink (“BCF-PIP”) are not suitable for participants who are currently undergoing or have only recently completed treatment, and prior to participating in any BCF-PIP activity, I certify to BCF that I am at least 3 months out of treatment (other than hormonal therapy).

5. Where any materials, equipment or other items belonging to BCF are provided in connection with any BCF Activities, I undertake to promptly return all such property to BCF upon the conclusion of the relevant activities as and when requested by any BCF Parties or prior to cessation of my participation in such BCF activities, as appropriate.

6. I understand that BCF has the right to require me to discontinue my participation in any BCF Activities at its absolute discretion for any reason or for no reason whatsoever.

7. I shall not:
a. give any statements, speeches, lectures, interviews or comments (whether written or verbal, on record or video, or in whatsoever other form) for or on behalf of BCF or purporting to represent BCF, except with the express written consent of BCF;
b. use BCF’s name or logo, or the names or logos of any BCF Activities without the express written consent of BCF; and
c. misrepresent, tarnish, or damage the image and reputation of BCF, its programmes and activities.

8. I shall bear full responsibility for any statements, speeches, lectures, interviews or comments given by me (except to the extent specifically endorsed by BCF), and (without prejudice to the generality of Clauses 2 and 3 above) shall indemnify and keep indemnified, and will save and hold harmless all BCF Parties against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including legal fees) arising in any way from any such actions taken by me.

9. I shall not engage in any fund-raising activities for or on behalf, or purporting to be for the benefit of, BCF, except as specifically approved by BCF.

10. I certify that all information given to BCF in my membership form is true and accurate, and I undertake to keep BCF informed and updated of any changes to my personal information including, without limitation, any adverse change to my physical or medical condition.

11. BCF is entitled to collect, store and use my personal data (including any images and videos) (together, “Personal Data”) for all purposes connected with BCF’s ordinary business and activities, including, as appropriate, publishing the same in any of BCF’s publicity or promotional materials and news releases. BCF is entitled to disclose my Personal Data to any supervisory or regulatory authorities or agencies, or as required under any applicable laws or regulations.

Note: BCF will not sell, rent or give away your Personal Data to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent. BCF has appointed data protection officers to oversee the management of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. You may contact BCF’s data protection officer at dataprotection@bcf.org.sg to request access to your Personal Data, to update or correct your Personal Data or to withdraw any consent with respect to your Personal Data.

12. I consent to BCF contacting me via my mobile or other phone number, email address or at any other address provided, for the purposes of obtaining additional information to administer this membership application, disseminating or sharing information about BCF events, activities, promotions and service, and updating me on any other matters pertaining to BCF. I understand that I may contact the BCF Personal Data Protection Officer at any time to amend or update my personal particulars or my preferences in relation to being contacted by BCF for any purpose.

13. I grant BCF the right to use my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance and all statements, comments and feedback provided (in each case, in any form whatsoever, whether original or altered) in any publicity or promotional materials, including the BCF website and social media sites, pages or portals. BCF shall have complete ownership of any products, work or materials created in conjunction therewith, including all copyrights thereto. The rights granted to BCF herein are perpetual and worldwide.

14. BCF reserves the right to refuse any membership application, or the participation of any person in any BCF Activities, or terminate the continuation of any membership or involvement / participation of any person for any reason or for no reason whatsoever.


1. 本人承诺自行承担参加以下活动的所有个人风险:任何由乳癌基金会(BCF)或其员工、职员、代理、义工、合作伙伴或赞助商(统称“BCF有关方”)举办、协调或支持的项目或活动,任何由第三方代表BCF举办的项目或活动,任何与BCF有关方共同举办的活动,以及经BCF知情、同意或认可,并以BCF 为受益机构的活动,包括任何课程、讲座、研讨会、讨论会、会议和募捐活动(统称“BCF活动”),无论该活动是否于BCF所持有的场地举办。

2. 本人谨此免除、豁免并撤销所有BCF有关方在我参与任何BCF活动时所可能蒙受的个人及财物损伤与损失,及在新加坡法律的管辖与约束范围内的一切法律责任及义务,包括但不限于人身伤害、生命损失或财产损失。

3. 本人谨此免除并持续免除所有BCF有关方在我参与任何BCF活动时在新加坡法律的管辖与约束范围内所可能引发的一切理赔、索偿、究责行动、诉讼、赔偿、责任、损失、和费用(包括法律费用),并确保BCF有关方免受任何损害。

4. 本人谨此承认并同意某些活动可能并非所有人士都适合参与,并承诺在参与任何牵涉体能或体力消耗的BCF活动之前预先咨询个人医生意见,评估自身健康状况和参与活动的适当性,尤其乳癌基金会龙舟队(“BCF-PIP”)的活动并不适合正在接受或刚完成治疗的参与者。本人谨向BCF保证,在参加任何BCF-PIP活动之前已完成治疗至少3个月(激素治疗除外)。

5. 本人谨此承诺在任何BCF相关活动结束之后,或在BCF有关方要求时,或在本人停止参与该项BCF活动之前,及时归还所有在活动中所使用,属于BCF的材料、设备或物件。

6. 本人明白BCF有绝对酌情权在一切情况下要求本人停止参与任何BCF活动,并无需提供任何理由。

7. 本人同意我无权在任何情况下:
a) 代表BCF或声称代表BCF,提供任何声明、演讲、讲座、访谈或意见(包括书面、口述、音频、视频,或任何其他形式),除非预先取得BCF官方书面同意;
b) 使用BCF的名称或标志,或任何BCF活动的名称或标志,除非预先取得BCF官方书面同意;以及
c) 歪曲、玷污、或损害BCF及其项目与活动的形象和声誉。

8. 本人将对我个人所发表的任何声明、演讲、讲座、访谈或意见承担一切责任(除非经由BCF官方书面认可),并在不违背第2和第3项条款的情况下免除并持续免除所有BCF有关方因本人以上行为而可能在新加坡法律的管辖与约束范围内涉及的一切理赔、索偿、究责行动、诉讼、赔偿、责任、损失、和费用(包括法律费用),并确保BCF有关方免受任何损害。

9. 本人承诺在未得BCF官方书面批准前,不得进行任何宣称代表BCF,或指定BCF为受益机构的筹款活动。

10. 本人宣告我在会员表中所填写的一切资料皆属实且准确,并承诺若个人资料有所变动,包括但不限于任何关于本人健康或医疗状况的负面发展,我将及时通知BCF并持续向其提供有关资料。

11. 本人谨授权BCF收集,储存和使用我的个人资料(包括图片和视频)(统称“个人资料”),用于BCF相关的日常业务和活动,包括在适当的情况下于BCF相关广告、宣传材料以及新闻稿件中使用该资料,并在适用新加坡法律的管辖与约束范围内向有关当局所属监管机构披露我的个人资料。

注:BCF将不会在未经您同意的情况下,出于商业目的向第三方出售、出租或披露您的个人资料。 BCF已任命个人资料保护人员,按照《个人资料保护法令》的法规照管个人资料的保护与处理。您可透过电邮 dataprotection@bcf.org.sg 联系BCF的个人资料保护人员,以要求获取、更新或修改您的个人资料,或撤销关于您个人资料储存与使用的任何授权许可。

12. 本人同意允许BCF通过我的手机号码或其他电话号码、电邮地址或我所提供的其他联络方式与我联系,以获取更多资料用于处理我的会籍申请,或传达与分享有关BCF的活动项目、宣传和服务,及通知我有关BCF的各项事宜。本人明白我可随时联系BCF的个人资料保护人员以修改或更新我的个人资料及指定联络方式。

13. 本人谨授权BCF在任何广告或宣传材料中使用我的姓名、肖像、图像、声音、外观和所有言论、评语和反馈(以上各项无论原始形态或经修改),包括BCF网站及任何社交媒体平台、网页或网络门户。BCF将可永久性并全球性持有任何以上所衍生之产品、作品或材料的绝对所有权,包括与其相关的一切知识产权。

14. BCF有权在无需提供任何理由的情况下拒绝任何人士的会籍申请、禁止任何人士参与任何BCF活动,或终止任何人士的会籍及参与相关活动的权利。