The 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign is a powerful reminder for eligible women to proactively go for regular breast cancer screening.

‘A Mammogram in Time Saves Lives’. The messaging in the campaign: ‘It’s Not Scary, It’s A Mammogram’, aims to encourage more women to go for this life-saving screening.

DDB Group Singapore has been the lead creative agency for Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), supporting the annual breast cancer awareness campaigns. This year, the messaging centres around Mammograms. Mr Thomas Yang, Executive Creative Director DDB Group Singapore, shared “Mention ‘mammogram’ and most people will think of something that’s cold, clinical and even scary. What if we could add some hues of hope to this visual in their heads? After all, a mammogram in time can save lives. So, we created artistic interpretations of actual scans that detected cancer. By showcasing these, we hope women will put aside their doubts and step forward to do their mammograms.”


The Straits Times (30 Sept 2022)
Lian He Zao Bao (1 Oct 2022)

BCF’s campaign will feature 6 breast cancer survivors with an artistic interpretation of their mammogram that saved their lives. This collection of ads aims to draw the importance of early detection through mammogram screening and that ‘It is not scary, It is a mammogram.

A breast cancer diagnosis can impact not just an individual woman, but her family and those around her. The yearly Breast Cancer Awareness Month efforts aim to bring women’s health to the forefront. Regular mammogram screening can save lives and protect the well-being of women and their families.

Women, along with their families, are encouraged to take part in this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities to learn how to take charge of their breast health. Early detection saves lives and saves breasts.